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Gen Y Consumers, Love Entrepreneurship, Prefer Tech Savviness

It’s no big surprise that more and more people are turning to the ‘net to shop for and purchase their insurance coverage, but the latest Employers Small Business Opinion Poll shows confirms that members of Generations X and Y are adamant about wanting their insurers to interact online. The survey showed that almost half (46%) […]

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In Brief: USAA Clients Targeted by Internet Scammers

While internet scams abound, the latest involves USAA, an insurance and banking company that caters to military personnel. The company is currently investigating an email scam that attempts to gathering personal information from its customers. The scheme in question is directed at a wide range of people, some of whom may be USAA clients, said […]

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Flu Shot FAQ

It’s November, which means red cups at Starbucks, holiday decorations everywhere, and lots of people coming down with the flu. The first two things can be avoided if they don’t suit you, but the flu is pretty much a given…or is it? Newer, better flu shots are available. If you’re considering one, here’s what you […]

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Most Doctors Don’t Use Email with Patients, Survey Says

A new study released recently by the Center for Studying Health System Change shows that less than 7% of office-based physicians routinely use email to communicate with their patients, even though such communication does much to improve patient satisfaction. The study involved a survey of 4,258 doctors (not including pathologists, anesthesiologists, etc.), and was done […]

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Georgia to Decide New Insurance Commissioner

Georgia voters head to the polls today to participate in a runoff election in which they must choose between two Republican candidates for state insurance commissioner. The two candidates, Maria Sheffield and Ralph T. Hudgens, are the two survivors from last months Republican primary, which included nine candidates. In that vote, each of the two […]

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Five Bizarre Things People Insure

It’s a new month, so we’re taking a break from talking about BP and healthcare and instead offering a lighter topic. We’ve all heard of insuring homes, cars, and boats, but what really odd things do people insure? Here are five: Specific Body Parts: We’ve all heard of concert pianists insuring their hands, but last […]

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