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In Brief: USAA Clients Targeted by Internet Scammers

While internet scams abound, the latest involves USAA, an insurance and banking company that caters to military personnel. The company is currently investigating an email scam that attempts to gathering personal information from its customers. The scheme in question is directed at a wide range of people, some of whom may be USAA clients, said […]

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Insurance Brief: Lloyd’s to Open Russian Office

Lloyd’s, the high-end insurance company known for covering things like the hands of concert pianists, announced recently that it has plans to open an office in Russia sometime in 2011. According to the bulletin it released, the corporate office at has determined that, “…a dedicated country manager will enable Lloyd’s to better understand and explore […]

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Oklahoma Has New Insurance Commissioner

Among several gubernatorial and congressional races that were decided in Tuesday’s election, there were also a few Insurance Commissioner positions up for grabs. One such race was in Oklahoma, where insurance agent John Doak defeated incumbent Commissioner Kim Holland with approximately 54.5 percent of the vote. Doak, a Republican who campaigned against the federal health […]

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Five Bizarre Things People Insure

It’s a new month, so we’re taking a break from talking about BP and healthcare and instead offering a lighter topic. We’ve all heard of insuring homes, cars, and boats, but what really odd things do people insure? Here are five: Specific Body Parts: We’ve all heard of concert pianists insuring their hands, but last […]

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No Driving Record Fee in Ohio

Auto insurance companies in Ohio can breathe a bit easier today. A judge struck down a proposed higher motor vehicle fee that was being charged to trucking companies and vehicle insurance companies, on the grounds that it violates the state constitution. Last year, Ohio legislators raised the fee being charged for certified copies of driving […]

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Pet Insurance Reform?

Pet lovers will be pleased to hear about a new bill that just passed the California State Assembly. The bill which was sponsored by Dave Jones (D-Sacramento), would require pet health insurers to disclose – on the main pages of their websites – any policy that limits coverage. In addition, insurers would also have to […]

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Temp Agency Exec Charged with Insurance Flood

One of the top executives of a temporary employment agency has been accused of scamming the New York State insurance Fund out of $25 million in workers’ compensation insurance premiums. On Monday, Eric Goldstein pleaded not guilty to charges which included insurance fraud. Prosecutors in Manhattan say Goldstein’s company, GT Systems, ran fifty temporary employment […]

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Missouri: Lions and Tigers and Bears – and Fees!

Lawmakers in the state of Missouri have approved new regulations, including the imposition of fees and an insurance requirement, for people who raise wild animals such as lions, tigers, and bears. Legislation sent to the governor will require a permit – which could cost up to $2,500 – for any resident of the “Show Me” […]

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