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Illinois Attempts to Curb Roadway Fatalities with Signs

Officials at the Illinois Department of Transportation announced earlier this month that they’re hoping to reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities in their state by using signs. Specifically, the state Transportation Secretary, Ann Schneider, has launched a digital message board campaign that will feature friendly reminders about traffic safety on electronic signs across the state. […]

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3 Illinois Counties Declared Disaster Areas by Governor

Governor Pat Quinn of Illinois has declared three counties there to be disaster areas due to severe damage to homes, businesses and infrastructure as a result of last months flooding. According to the Governor, who issued a statement on Wednesday, the July 27 flash floods in the northwest part of the state caused damage in […]

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State Farm, Allstate Offering Benefits to Same-Sex Partners

Last week, State Farm insurance announced a significant change in their corporate policy. The company will be extending health care coverage and other benefits to the same-sex partners of its agents, agency staff members, employees, and retirees, so long as they’re in legally recognized relationships. Such benefits are already offered to employees and their partners […]

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Workers’ Comp In Illinois: No Lawyer Required

Want to hear something scary? Workers in Illinois have received thousands of tax-free dollars in workers’ compensation with what amounts to a doctor’s note. According to a report in the Belleville News-Democrat, cases that have involved wrist or elbow issues with municipal and private workers have been resolved without the affected worker needing surgery, treatment, […]

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Illinois Seeks Comments on Health Insurance Exchange

The state of Illinois is asking for public comment on an online insurance exchange. They are seeking for comments about the financing, governance, and structure of the exchange, which would make health insurance coverage available to individuals and small businesses. Under the healthcare reform laws passed last March, each state must have exchanges operational by […]

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Company Wellness Programs: They’re Not Just for the Big Guys Anymore

It’s no secret that large corporations have been cutting costs by encouraging employees to use on-site, in-house wellness programs, some replete with healthy dining facilities and gymnasiums. However, wellness programs aren’t just for big companies any more. In fact, two Illinois-based medium-sized businesses, Mechanical Devices, Co. (Bloomington) and the Town of Normal have implemented wellness […]

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Flood Insurance Changes in Illinois and Nebraska

It’s difficult enough to know when flood insurance is required when you live in a relatively stable region, but property owners in three counties in southwestern Illinois are in a kind of flood zone limbo, while they wait for new Mississippi River flood maps to be drawn. According to Illinois Senator Richard Durbin, the Federal […]

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