Illinois Attempts to Curb Roadway Fatalities with Signs

July 23, 2012

Officials at the Illinois Department of Transportation announced earlier this month that they’re hoping to reduce the number of traffic-related fatalities in their state by using signs.

Specifically, the state Transportation Secretary, Ann Schneider, has launched a digital message board campaign that will feature friendly reminders about traffic safety on electronic signs across the state. The information on the signs will include slogans like, “Safe a Life, Buckle Up,” “Don’t Text and Drive,” and “Don’t Drink and Drive,” as well as posting the daily traffic fatality total for all to read.

According to Department officials, there had already been 479 traffic fatalities in Illinois as of July 5th of this year. In the same amount of time last year, only 418 fatalities had occurred.

The message board system being used is typically restricted to construction notifications, lane closings, and Amber Alerts about missing children. To make sure those messages aren’t adversely impacted by the new campaign, Illinois officials assure that their safety reminders will only be posted when there are no active emergency alerts.

We think a reminder to carry adequate auto insurance should be added to the rotating reminders.