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Health Is Wealth: Never Skip Your Regular Checkups!

We’ve always been told that prevention is better than cure. As kids, our parents used to make us have regular doctor’s visits for regular checkups or immunization and it has been all in the name of prevention. As grown-ups, our lists of priorities change. Sometimes, we forget that these routine doctor’s visits are still as […]

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Be a Better You: Ways to Take Care of Your Health This 2018

Maybe it sounds cliche; saying that your New Year’s resolution should include taking care of yourself better. After all, it’s no secret that you encounter health and wellness tips almost everywhere. However, as cliche as it may sound, you should always make your health a priority. It’s true, we all have a list of priorities […]

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This or That: How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Coverage for You

Getting health insurance coverage should be a priority for every individual. When you do, you’ll have to choose the right policy for you. Every health insurance policy is unique. It has its own features, specifications, and costs. Therefore you it’s important to be familiar with how one differs from the other. However, deciding on which […]

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