Health Is Wealth: Never Skip Your Regular Checkups!

December 22, 2017

We’ve always been told that prevention is better than cure. As kids, our parents used to make us have regular doctor’s visits for regular checkups or immunization and it has been all in the name of prevention.

As grown-ups, our lists of priorities change. Sometimes, we forget that these routine doctor’s visits are still as important as when you were little. Even our health insurance policies, usually through our employers, promote healthcare for all ages through annual physical checkups.

Here are some of the reasons why you should not miss your regular checkups.

Developing a good relationship with your doctor

It’s especially important for you to cultivate a good patient-doctor relationship. After all, your doctor is responsible for your overall medical care.

Therefore, it’s best to build your trust on each other. One way of building that trust is to show up for your doctor’s regular visits.

Regular checkups will help your doctor understand the current state of your health. If you skip your regular doctor visits, your doctor won’t be able to be up to date on that aspect.

Keeping your medical records updated

Perhaps the most important factor why you should not skip your regular checkups is that you need to keep your medical records updated.

A lot can happen in a year so it’s important that your records contain current and relevant information about your health.

Basic information about your health, like possible allergic reactions, medical history, and updated vitals, will definitely come in handy in the event of emergent cases.

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Knowing your vitals

During regular checkups, your physician will also check your vitals. These can include current readings of your cholesterol or blood pressure levels.

It’s important to treat your vitals as your lifelines. These will tell you if there are certain aspects of your health that needs to be observed.

Identifying health risks

One thing that identifies any possible health risks that you might have is knowing your family’s medical history.

From your family history, your doctor can help you identify what conditions you can probably be at risk of.

Through your regular checkups, your doctor can also give you medical advice on how to manage and lower these risks.

Covering the needed preventive tests

Preventive lab tests are usually performed during your routine or annual doctor’s visit. Other than your medical history and vitals, specific lab tests and screenings might be needed.

For women, these usually include breast and pelvic exams. For men, these could be prostate exams and some others.

Your health insurance plans may cover these preventive tests together especially during your annual physical checkup.

Visits normally need a small copay. If these tests go with your regular checkups, you can definitely save more on costs.

To make sure, you can check in with your insurance provider or your physician with this information.

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Prevention still starts with you

Taking care of your physical well-being starts with you. It all begins with how you look after yourself or through the habits that we keep.

Health insurance coverages, whether through employers or personal enrollment, also serves as a safety net or a layer of protection for our well-being.

Our bodies are not invincible and getting sick can be very expensive. Without health insurance coverage, medical bills can get the most of our savings.

In the end, being responsible for our physical well-being should never stop. It should always be one of our top priorities at any given time and at any given age.

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