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How to Disaster-Proof Your Finances

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. Then, the question of safety can quickly turn into a question of financial security. Are you adequately covered? Many people equate financial security as being insured. But being getting a policy is not all there is to it. Let’s look at some of the most important disaster-proofing […]

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Motorcycle Insurance Diaries: Finding the Right Policy for Your Bike

It’s never a good idea to rush into buying something as important as motorcycle insurance. It requires time and effort to find the right policy for your bike and your money, too. So, here are tips for getting motorcycle insurance. They are meant to help you go over coverage options for your bike including adds-on […]

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How Much Home Insurance Do You Typically Need?

The best way to protect your home and your important household investments from theft, flood, or any human-induced or natural disaster is to get a proper home insurance policy. A homeowners insurance can help you rebuild, replace, or defray costs in case of liability to others. How much do you really need to be adequately […]

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Homeowners Insurance: Covering 5 Rules Toward the Right Policy

There’s no assurance that your home will be able to stand the test of natural and man-made disasters, but there’s homeowners insurance that got your home covered. This coverage could extend to your personal property, other structures outside your home, and your family and the people visiting your home. It’s a requirement if you are […]

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Yes, Your Car Insurance Company Can Drop Your Coverage

A car is a vital part of the American life. Unless you live in a city with a high Walkability score, you’re most likely going to use a private vehicle to get to work, fetch the kids from school, even to get groceries. According to a recent American Community Survey, over 90 percent of American […]

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Condo Insurance: Reinforcing Your HOA Coverage and Your Own Protection

You can leave it to your homeowners association to get coverage for your condo’s external premises and amenities. But as to the personal property inside your unit, it’s safer to have your own condo insurance. Condo insurance works like a typical homeowners insurance in the condominium setting. It gives protection against forces of nature and […]

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