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Half of Arkansas Under Exceptional Drought

The various weather services which serve the United States all say that El Niño is coming within the next two months. For some people along the West Coast, that’s bad news, but for much of the South and Midwest, the increased chances of rain, and the cold, wet winter can’t get here soon enough. Arkansas […]

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Trumann, Arkansas Bans Bully Breeds

It’s long been that case that if you own certain kinds of dogs, you’ll be hard pressed to find homeowners insurance, but if you live in Trumann, Arkansas, you may find that your favorite pet has been banned from living in the city limits at all. Members of the City Council of Trumann recently approved […]

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Arkansas: Back Seat Belts Not Required

We all know that wearing a seat belt is required for drivers and front-seat passengers in every state but New Hampshire, and it’s generally understood that doing so helps reduce injuries in car accidents, which in turn helps keep auto insurance costs lower. The state of Arkansas recently considered legislation that would require rear seat […]

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Arkansas House Votes Down Anti-Health Care Reform Bill

Last week in Arkansas, one legislative committee blocked an attempt to reject a key portion of the federal heath care reform law. The Arkansas House Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee voted down a proposal that would ban any law requiring residents of that state to purchase health insurance. In a 12-7 vote against the […]

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Central Arkansas Shaken By Earthquakes

Residents of Arkansas and other parts of the south-central United States may want to look into earthquake insurance if Saturday was anything to go by. Central Arkansas was rattled by a series of earthquakes three days ago, including one with a magnitude of 3.9, though some reports said that it felt closer to 4.2. The […]

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