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Allstate Requests Rate Hike on Louisiana Homeowners Policies

Allstate Corp., the second-largest home insurer in Louisiana, has asked for an insurance rate increase for 144,000 homeowners who get their coverage from two of the corporations local subsidiaries. According to the Louisiana state insurance department, Allstate wants an average increase of 5.9 percent for 73,000 homeowners with policies from Allstate Indemnity Co, and an […]

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Allstate Launches Identity Theft Coverage in California

According to several sources, there are roughly nine million Americans who are victims of identity theft every year, resulting in millions of hours spent trying to resolve the issues associated with having your identity stolen. As a measure of protection, Allstate Insurance Company is offering its customers in California coverage to help mitigate the expense […]

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State Farm, Allstate Offering Benefits to Same-Sex Partners

Last week, State Farm insurance announced a significant change in their corporate policy. The company will be extending health care coverage and other benefits to the same-sex partners of its agents, agency staff members, employees, and retirees, so long as they’re in legally recognized relationships. Such benefits are already offered to employees and their partners […]

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Ratewatch: Allstate to Raise Rates in Mississippi

According to the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner, Mike Chaney, Allstate customers in that state will be seeing a 19.4 percent increase in their homeowners insurance rates. The increase is likely to happen in June, and apply to both renewals and new policies. For nearly two years, Chaney has been in negotiations with Allstate about the size […]

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