Allstate Launches Identity Theft Coverage in California

September 2, 2011

According to several sources, there are roughly nine million Americans who are victims of identity theft every year, resulting in millions of hours spent trying to resolve the issues associated with having your identity stolen.

As a measure of protection, Allstate Insurance Company is offering its customers in California coverage to help mitigate the expense of identity theft, and reduce the time spent recovering their identities, as well.

The program, which is referred to as “identity theft expenses coverage” went into affect in late August, and is available to new and renewing Allstate auto insurance policyholders in California. With a starting premium of $30/year, the coverage will give customers access to “professional identity restoration assistance.”

It also provides a maximum of $25,000 in reimbursement coverage for attorney fees, loan reapplication fees, credit fees, police report fees, lost wages, and any other reasonable expenses associated with the restoration of identity.