Fireman’s Fund Institutes Awareness Program in Northern California

February 24, 2017

After a flame-filled spring and summer in Northern California, it may seem like a case of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped, but wildfire season is far from over, so it makes sense that Novato-based Fireman’s Fund is choosing this time to introduce their new Wildfire Readiness Program, a prevention-focused initiative directed at homeowners.

The program was developed in collaboration with wildfire defense companies and fire departments from around the state, and includes highlights such as:

  • Fire service visits. Onsite reviews by fire department representatives who will review location-specific strategies.
  • Evacuation planning: Special evacuation plans for select clients, that include the removal of pre-arranged valuables from a given property as well as the safe transport of family members.
  • Defensible space and fuel management: Partnerships have been formed with companies that clear and manage brush and other consumables, while remaining sensitive to environmental conditions.
  • Susceptibility assessments: A company-employed risk management advisor will evaluate and score homes and their surrounding property and score them on a nationally-recognized scale, then make recommendations to help improve the family’s chance of surviving a wildfire.

Fireman’s Fund wildfire specialist Dan Cuccia explained that preparation and fire prevention are the best methods of preserving lives and property during a wildfire. “Our proactive measures play a critical role in reducing the likelihood that a home will burn if threatened by an advancing fire. Every dollar and every minute spent on prevention is invaluable to reduce wildfire risk,” he advised.