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What is a Good Coverage Amount for Renters Insurance?

If you rent, rather than own a home, you might not think about insurance. When you carry a mortgage, you are required to carry homeowner’s insurance. Renters insurance, on the other hand, is not required. It’s up to you whether you want it or not. Should you carry it? We think so. It helps cover […]

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Ways to Save Money on Utilities

As a renter, what are some of the ways to save on your utility payments? Renting has some great peaks over homeownership. You don’t need to worry about keeping those lawns green, or fixing the broken heater in the bathroom. The moment something goes wrong, you only need to ring your landlord and everything will […]

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6 Unfamiliar Benefits You Get From a Good Renters Insurance

We’re pretty sure you don’t wish to be a renter forever. We know you’d also want to buy your own house and become a homeowner. This is probably why you’re saving as much as you can. So, why do you have to get renters insurance? After all, that’s just unnecessary expense, right? Although renters insurance […]

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Wednesday Filmstrip: Renters Insurance

Even renters need insurance to cover their belongings. This video explains exactly how to purchase renters insurance, and what extras you may want to consider.

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Friday Filmstrip: Investment Property Insurance

We’ve talked about why you need renters insurance if you live in an apartment or other rental home, but what if you’re the landlord of a rental property? This week’s video has some tips for people who own residential rental property.

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Friday Filmstrips: Renter’s Insurance

We often talk about renter’s insurance on this blog, but it pays to be reminded why you need it. This video, from via YouTube, explains it all:

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Allstate Cuts Renters Insurance Premiums in California

The Insurance Journal reported yesterday that Allstate Insurance Co. will be reducing the price of renters insurance coverage 19.6 percent across the state of California. In addition, condo policies in the Golden State will be reduced by 6 percent. The rate changes are effective immediately. Allstate said that the rate cuts were sparked by favorable […]

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Friday Filmstrip: Renters Insurance

Did you know that you need insurance even if you rent your home? Whether you live in a rented house or an apartment building, your landlord’s insurance covers only the structure of the building. Insurance the contents is up to you. For this week’s Friday Filmstrip, we take a closer look at renter’s insurance. Enjoy!

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Foremost Expands Product Lines for Vermont Fire Insurance

It may seem strange to be talking about fire insurance policies when much of the country is dealing with massive amounts of rain thanks to Hurricane Earl and Tropical Storm Hermine, but those folks who have homes, or summer homes, in Vermont might be interested to know that Foremost Insurance Group is expanding their Dwelling […]

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