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Allstate Cuts Renters Insurance Premiums in California

The Insurance Journal reported yesterday that Allstate Insurance Co. will be reducing the price of renters insurance coverage 19.6 percent across the state of California. In addition, condo policies in the Golden State will be reduced by 6 percent. The rate changes are effective immediately. Allstate said that the rate cuts were sparked by favorable […]

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RateWatch: Michigan Judge Halts Blue Cross Rate Increase

A circuit court judge in Ingham County, Michigan has called a stop to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s planned rate increases there. The increases in question would have increased the cost of premiums by up to 66% for some senior citizens. The preliminary injunction, which was filed on Tuesday, requires that a public meeting be held. […]

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Texas Wind Insurance Assoc. Asks for 5% Increase

Some homeowners insurance in Texas is about to get a little bit more expensive, as the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) has filed for five percent increases in both commercial and residential rates, to go into effect on the first of next year. TWIA is the state’s “last resort” insurance company, providing wind and hail […]

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