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When Can I Enroll in Medicare?

When you retire, health insurance should be a priority. Not having insurance through your employer means you’re on your own for healthcare coverage. In addition, as you age, your risk of needing extensive medical care increases, making Medicare enrollment important for most seniors. Typically, you’re eligible for Medicare when you turn 65 years old, but […]

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Medicare Advantage: Is It Better Than Medicare?

At age 65, you become eligible for Medicare. It’s not as simple as it sounds, though. You still have options that you should consider carefully. Choosing the wrong plan could cost you a lot more money in the end. Medicare has Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. We help you understand the […]

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Can you Get Vision Coverage on Medicaid?

If you have Medicaid, you probably assume you don’t have vision benefits. It’s not a widely spoken about benefit with this insurance. The good news is, though, that you may have some benefits (limited as they may be). Keep reading to learn how your Medicaid policy may help with your vision needs. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s […]

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Take These Steps to Apply for Medicare

Enrollment in Medicare isn’t automatic for everyone. Knowing when you should apply and which plans you should consider will help you make the right choices. Health insurance becomes increasingly more important for you as you age, so understanding how Medicare works and how to apply for it is important. [sc_content_link label=”Get today’s insurance rates.” cat=”health”] […]

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Aetna Insurance Expanding Medicare Supplement Biz

Earlier this week, Aetna announced a deal to acquire the Medicare supplement insurance business and related business units from Genworth Financial for $290 million. Pending approval from federal and state regulators, the deal should close in the fourth quarter of this year, Aetna representatives said in a press release issued from their Hartford, CT headquarters. […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Prescription Drug Plan “Donut Holes”

If you have a prescription drug plan, there’s a coverage gap or “donut hole” you may encounter. This video talks provides some insight and information.

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Feds Announce Largest Healthcare Fraud Takedown Ever

Anyone who is, or has a parent who is, covered by medicare knows that healthcare fraud is a tangible risk. Some good news, then, on this Monday, is that Attorney General Eric Holder and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius announced last Friday at a healthcare fraud summit in Miami, that the feds are in the process […]

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Hospital Cost Shifting Not a New Trend

Recent confirmed reports of an alarming change within the hospital industry, one that has been going on since long before the passage of the healthcare reform bill last month: Because they get lower reimbursements from public health insurance services like Medicaid and Medicare, many hospitals are trying to find new ways of making money, and […]

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Planning for Retirement? Pay Attention to Health Care

If you’re planning for retirement pay close attention to your health care options. Why? Because according to financial journal MarketWatch, this is likely to be one of the biggest costs you’ll have to absorb once you leave the workplace, even with the federal Medicare program providing your basic coverage. Why is health care so expensive […]

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