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How Prepared are You for the Next Earthquake?

It is easy to predict hurricanes and rainstorms. The same is true for volcanic eruptions. Even hail or snow storms can be forecasted. These forecasts are essential for our safety. It helps us prepare for any disaster.  However, some disasters even harder to detect and predict, making it hard for us to prepare for them […]

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Half a Million Virginians in Earthquake Drill

Roughly 600,000 residents of Virginia participated in an earthquake drill yesterday – one that spanned many states. You wouldn’t think of Virginia as a place where earthquake drills – or even earthquake insurance – was necessary, but this is the same area hit by a 5.8 magnitude quake on August 23, 2011. That quake, centered […]

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University of Alabama Building Earthquake Simulator

Okay, we know we harp about earthquake insurance a lot, but can you blame us? Just this month there was a quake in Missouri that was felt in nine other states. That’s why we’re really excited about a new project currently underway at the University of Alabama’s South Engineering Research Center. On May 1st, a […]

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OK Earthquake Relief Request DENIED

Last week, we reported that Governor Mary Fallin of Oklahoma had petitioned for assistance from FEMA after a series of earthquakes struck the state in November, with aftershocks felt throughout the long Thanksgiving holiday. On Monday, it was announced that her request for federal aid had been denied. Governor Fallin told the press that she […]

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Oklahoma Governor Seeks Disaster Aid Because of Quakes

The state of Oklahoma felt at least five small earthquakes over last week’s Thanksgiving holiday. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there was a 2.4 magnitude quake at 6:55 AM on Saturday, November 26th, with an epicent4er about five miles south of Sparks. This was the fifth temblor in the area since Thursday the 24th, […]

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Eqecat Says East Coast Quake Losses Under $100 Million

While the 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit Virginia, earlier today, and shook up the entire east coast of the United States was a very loud reminder that people in California aren’t the only ones who need earthquake insurance, the catastrophe modeling company Eqecat says it actually caused less than $100 million in insured losses. According […]

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California Senators Introduce Earthquake Insurance Affordability Act

Last week, Democratic U.S. Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, both form California, introduced a new piece of legislation designed to reduce the cost of earthquake insurance for Californians and other individuals who buy earthquake insurance coverage from non-profit, state-run, earthquake insurance programs. The legislation, dubbed the Earthquake Insurance Affordability Act, allows the California Earthquake […]

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US Tsunami Damage Exceeds $50 Million, Estimates Say

While the United States did not see anything close to the damage that continues to worsen in Japan, but estimates say that tsunami waves that followed Friday’s earthquake have caused more than $50 million in damage in the western part of the country. Governor Neil Abercrombie, in Hawaii, issued an emergency proclamation that will allow […]

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California Fault Lines go Online

If you’re thinking about moving to (or within) California, and are curious about where your prospective dwelling is, in relation to fault lines, there’s good news for you. As long as you have Internet access you now have the ability to find out whether or not the place you want to live is on a […]

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