California Fault Lines go Online

February 14, 2011

If you’re thinking about moving to (or within) California, and are curious about where your prospective dwelling is, in relation to fault lines, there’s good news for you. As long as you have Internet access you now have the ability to find out whether or not the place you want to live is on a fault.

The California Geological Survey has announced the posting of its fault zone maps to the ‘net for the first time. Until now the 547 maps were only available in paper or disc formats.

California state geologist John Parish explained that his agency uses Google Maps’ address-matching capabilities to link users to the right map for a specific property.

It’s already required by state law that home buyers be informed of whether or not the home they wish to purchase lies in an earthquake fault zone.

It should be noted that having this information on the net does not affect the need for earthquake insurance.