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Handling Health Insurance When you are In Between Jobs

Changing jobs may be good for your finances, but it can hurt your health insurance. If your current employer provided your insurance, you’ll likely find yourself without coverage as soon as you leave or shortly thereafter. Because the Affordable Care Act requires that you have insurance, you have to make some quick decisions while you […]

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Friday Filmstrips: COBRA explained

With so many people unemployed because of the state of the American economy, COBRA is an oft-heard term. But what are COBRA benefits, and how do they work? This week’s Friday Filmstrip from StaySmart/StayHealthy, via YouTube, explains it:

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Senate Approves COBRA Extension Bill

It was reported on Wednesday that the United States Senate voted 62-36 to approve a $138 billion bill that temporarily halts cuts in Medicare payments to doctors, and also extends COBRA premium subsidies and Medicaid assistance. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D – NV) said in a statement to the press, “This week’s bill helps […]

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Flood Insurance and Other Programs Temporarily Restored

Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate passed legislation that included an extension for the federal flood insurance program until the 28th of March. The extension means that the NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) can once again issue new policies, something it hasn’t been able to do since its authorization expired at midnight last Friday. The […]

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Flood Insurance, other Programs, Not Extended by US Senate

Last week, the United States Senate failed to vote on several bills meant to extend federal programs including unemployment, COBRA, flood insurance, and transportation project funding, before their expiration dates on Sunday, February 28th. Why? Because one senator, Jim Bunning (R-KY) has concerns enough about how to pay for such programs, that he’s blocked final […]

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COBRA Subsidy Extension Continues

If you’re currently using the existence of COBRA health insurance law to maintain insurance coverage after you’ve been laid off or fired, you’ll be glad to know that Congress ended weeks of uncertainty in late December, giving final approval to President Obama to sign into law a Department of Defense bill that included provisions to […]

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