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State Farm Closing Offices to Save Money

According to the Pantagraph newspaper out of Bloomington, IL, State Farm Insurance has announced plans to close two dozen of its field offices in the midwest (Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan) in order to save $8 million over the next five years. Currently, these facilities are home to about 1,300 employees. Some of these employees, the […]

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Insurance Brief: Prudential to Sell Global Commodities

Today’s news is from the business side of the insurance industry, rather than the patient side. It’s relevant because it speaks to the health of the industry. Last week, Prudential Financial, Inc. announced that it had reached an agreement with Jefferies Group, Inc, for the sale of its (Prudential’s) global commodities business. The purchase price […]

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Buzz: What Today’s Woman Needs to Know and Do

Even though all Americans are living longer, women still tend to outlive their husbands, or not marry at all, which means they need to be active in their retirement planning before finances in their golden years become an issue. To help with that, the MetLife Mature Market Institute has partnered with WISER (Women’s Institute for […]

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AIG Repays $6.9 Billion More

It’s been a while since we wrote about AIG, but Reuters is reporting today that American International Group has returned another $6.9 billion of it’s bailout money to the U.S. Treasury, which means that 70% of the original $411 billion under the TARP plan (Troubled Asset Relief Program) has now been recovered. According to spokespeople […]

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NM Rejects Driver’s Licence Ban for Illegal Immigrants

The New Mexico state Senate has voted against two proposals meant to prevent the state from issuing driver’s license to illegal immigrants. Both proposals were backed by senate Republicans. Unsurprisingly, the two measures under consideration failed on party-line votes, with 25 Democrats opposing the GOP proposals, and 14 Republicans supporting them. The proposals were meant […]

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21st Century Takes Customer Service Honor – Again

21st Century Insurance, a California-based insurance company, has received recognition for “call center operation customer satisfaction excellence” from the J.D. Power and Associates Call Center Certification Program for the fifth consecutive year. To become certified under the program, 21st Century Insurance had to pass a detailed audit of more than 100 elements comprising the call […]

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CNA SPLASHes Into Texas

Most of us in Texas have ice in our pools this week, which makes this information more timely than you might think. SPLASH – the Spa & Pool Contractors Program from CNA – has been expanded into the Texas middle market. The SPLASH program offers insurance coverage for a variety of customers including pool plasters, […]

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Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

No matter where you live or what you do, having an emergency fund is a smart idea. This way, if some sort of catastrophe hits your area, or there’s a family emergency that requires you to spend an extended period away from work, you won’t be forced to dip into your retirement fund or go […]

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Oklahoma Representative Pushes for Workers’ Comp Reform

Oklahoma state representative, Mark McCullough told the press last week that he was prepared to introduce legislation designed to improve his state’s workers’ compensation system. Representative McCullough also said that the legislation will be based on recent recommendations from The Task Force on Vocational Rehabilitation in Workers’ Compensation, including reforms that would return employees to […]

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