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Two Cities in Mississippi Make Insurance Mandatory for Pit Bull Owners

Two cities in Mississippi have enacted legislation making it mandatory for owners of pit bull dogs to have insurance. In Brandon, owners of pit bulls have two months to obtain necessary permits, and will be required to have liability insurance and special pens for the dogs. Flowood residents, on the other hand, have only one […]

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Lead-based Paint Manufacturers in Rhode Island Sue to Recover Costs

After Rhode Island Superior Court Judge Michael Silverstein ruled, last May, that the state was not required to repay them, companies that sold lead-based paint have appealed the decision. The paint manufacturers argued that they were due reimbursement because in 2008 the state Supreme Court had ruled in their favor, reversing a landmark verdict that […]

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Home Burglaries Up 9% in Texas, Allstate Says

Homeowners in Texas may want to consider boosting their homeowners insurance polices, and re-evaluating their inventory lists after reading this: Allstate Insurance has shared that burglary claims for their customers in Texas increased 9 percent last year. The insurer is advising people to keep their homes locked, their alarms engaged, and their vacation plans secret, […]

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LA Governor Signs Chinese Drywall Bill

Earlier today, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal signed into law the bill which will prevent insurance companies from dropping coverage of homeowners who have found corrosive Chinese drywall in their homes. The new law, which was sponsored (as a bill) by Senator Julie Quinn of Metairie, will prohibit insurers from canceling or refusing renewals on policies […]

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Oklahoma Spring Storms Lead to Insurance Headaches

Property owners and insurers in Oklahoma are all suffering the effects of recent severe flooding and extensive damage from last month’s wind storms. The heavy rains earlier this month caused additional damage to the homes of some residents who had yet to make repairs made necessary by violent storms in May. Most mainline commercial insurance […]

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Wet Winter Plus Dry Spring Means More Wildfires Likely

If you live in the Southwest, it’s time to make sure you have adequate homeowners (hazard) insurance. Why? because AccuWeather is reporting that this season, and especially the next few days, could lead to a “particularly troubling” fire season. The company explained that the heavy moisture caused by intense winter storms spurred greater than usual […]

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Got Sewage? Get Coverage

According to the Insurance Information Institute, most sewer backups are not covered by a standard homeowners insurance policies, and if your sump pump can’t handle the runoff after a major rainstorm, that isn’t usually covered, either. If you don’t have a home warranty, or didn’t purchase extra coverage just for your sewer system, that flood […]

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Wyoming May Be At Greater Risk of Wildfires This Year

Wyoming residents may want to look carefully at their homeowners insurance policies this month, especially where fire insurance coverage is concerned. Why? Because according to national fire officials, a season of light snowfall is likely to mean greater risk of wildfires in the northwest part of the state this summer. Officials of the National Interagency […]

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Florida Insurance Reform Bill Passes Senate

It’s the final week of Florida’s legislative season, and it looks like the state Senate has it’s property insurance reform bill back on track. After the bill he sponsored (SB 2044) got hung up in debate last Thursday, Senator Garrett Richter ironed out some confusion regarding the timeline in which homeowners would be paid for […]

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