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Friday Filmstrips: Holiday Highway Safety Tips

Whether you’re heading to the stores on Black Friday or waiting til Saturday or Sunday to head home from your holiday destination, safety counts! For today’s Friday Filmstrip, we offer Holiday Highway Safety Tips. Enjoy!

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Friday Filmstrip: Insurance and Prescription Drugs

Okay, you know that some of the most common daytime and late-night television commercials are all about prescription drug plans, but why do you need one if you already have insurance? What about health savings plans – can you buy drugs with them? And how come your insurance copay is $10 for some drugs and […]

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Friday Filmstrip: Vacation Rentals 101

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to own a second home, but we still want to be able to get away from time to time, in a place with a bit more room to spread out than a typical hotel room. This usually means a vacation rental. With the holidays fast approaching, vacation rentals are […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Life Insurance 101

For many of us, life insurance is something we know we should have, but we’re not quite sure why. This week’s Friday Filmstrip explains it. Enjoy.

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Got Zombies? File Insurance Claaaaaaims

In honor of Halloween, and because we believe that sometimes you just have to have a sense of humor, we’ve culled YouTube, and found this commercial parody. Enjoy:

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Friday Filmstrips: Prescription Drug Plan “Donut Holes”

If you have a prescription drug plan, there’s a coverage gap or “donut hole” you may encounter. This video talks provides some insight and information.

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Friday Filmstrips: Light Your Pilot

With cooler weather comes the desire for the soothing crackle of a warm fire. If you have a gas insert in your fireplace, you may have turned the gas off for the summer. This video from and YouTube explains how to re-light the pilot for your gas fireplace. Remember to check your fire insurance […]

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Friday Filmstrips: Hurricane Insurance

The 2010 Atlantic hurricane season is mostly over, but experts at the National Hurricane Center say that Florida and the Caribbean are not yet out of the woods. For this week’s Friday Filmstrip, then, we’re offering this video about hurricane insurance and flooding.

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Friday Filmstrips: Get Your Smokey On

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you know that fire has been an issue in California, Colorado, and now Michigan recently, and while we know that most of you have good fire insurance, we also know that a reminder about how fires start is a good thing from time to time, so we’re […]

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