Most Americans Feel Healthcare Reform Didn’t Go Far Enough

September 27, 2010

It was came into our knowledge during the weekend that despite a lot of controversy about the health care reform legislation passed last spring, most Americans don’t want less reform; they want more.

A new poll from the AP found that U.S. citizens who feel the health care reform law should have greater scope outnumber those who think government involvement in healthcare is wrong by 2-1.

When the reforms passed in March, 2010 finally complete their phase in in 2019, more than 30 million people who currently don’t have insurance, will, but, that will still leave another 20 million (give or take) without coverage. The AP poll found that 40% of adults think the new legislation didn’t go far enough to really change the state of the healthcare system, no matter whether they support or oppose the law, in theory. On the other hand roughly 20% of those polled oppose healthcare reform because they feel the government shouldn’t be involved in it at all. Overall, 30% of those polled were for the law, 40% opposed it, and another 30% were essentially neutral.

The survey in question involved interviews with about 1250 randomly chosen adults from across the country, conducted from August 31st – September 7th. There is a margin of error in the results of plus/minus 3.9 percent.