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Oklahoma: Expansion of Good Samaritan Act

The state of Oklahoma has enacted a new law protecting health care professionals who volunteer at school athletic events from being sued, but it’s author, State Representative Joe Dorman, wants more schools to take advantage of it, explainging that House Bill 1658 will protect medical volunteers under the Good Samaritan Act. In a statement to […]

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Insurance and Acupuncture: What You Need to Know

While some people still think of acupuncture as an exotic treatment that is only for the rich elite or the extremely eclectic, the reality is that this is a valid treatment for many kinds of muscle pain, as well as such conditions as asthma and bronchitis. It’s also been recognized as such by the World […]

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Healthcare Bill Passes

Late Sunday night, the United States House of Representatives passed the much-debated healthcare reform bill in a 219-212 vote, with all the Republicans, and thirty-four Democrats, voting against its passage. The bill, which instigates the most dramatic changes to our healthcare system in four decades, now goes to President Obama for his signature, which will […]

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Company Wellness Programs: They’re Not Just for the Big Guys Anymore

It’s no secret that large corporations have been cutting costs by encouraging employees to use on-site, in-house wellness programs, some replete with healthy dining facilities and gymnasiums. However, wellness programs aren’t just for big companies any more. In fact, two Illinois-based medium-sized businesses, Mechanical Devices, Co. (Bloomington) and the Town of Normal have implemented wellness […]

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No Dental Insurance? Consider a Dental School Clinic

Whether or not health insurance reform is ever actually passed, the reality is that there are some kinds of coverage that often fall through the cracks. Smaller businesses may offer health insurance, but not vision or dental coverage, and some communities don’t have a low cost dental insurance option. What do you do, then, if […]

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Faith Based Insurance? Be Careful

At a time when many eyes and ears are focused on Washington, D.C. and a final (at least for now) verdict on health care reform, hundreds of thousands of evangelical Christians are choosing another alternative. It’s called a faith-based health plan and while it can save you money on major medical expenses, there are a […]

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