Can Taking Driver’s Ed Lower your Insurance Premiums?

September 21, 2019

You took driver’s ed when you were 16 years old and never thought you’d do it again. What if we told you that it could save you money on your premiums? You might consider taking a class again wouldn’t you? Insurance companies reward drivers that take the initiative to take a driving course long after they’ve passed the driver’s test. Find out how taking a course may benefit you.

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Why Do You Get a Discount for Driving Courses?

Insurance companies take a gamble when they issue you a policy. They hope that you don’t get into a car accident or they have to payout on your claim. Insurance companies offer discounts for any safety factors that lower your risk of an accident. This includes anti-lock brakes or lane departure warning systems. The same is true for driving courses. If you can learn new techniques that make you a safer driver, you lower the risk the insurance company takes.

A Refresher Course

Do you take driving for granted? Don’t worry if you do, many drivers do. They just go through the motions rather than really thinking about their actions while on the road. Taking a refresher course helps drivers drive better, reducing the risk of an accident. Whether it’s a refresher on the rules of the road or you learn new techniques, it can make you a safer driver.

Defensive DrivingCourses

Getting comfortable behind the wheel could make you a less defensive driver. Sometimes it’s not you that the insurance company has to worry about, but the other drivers on the road. Taking a defensive driving course helps you learn how to navigate the hazards you come across on the road, helping you to avoid an accident. With this newfound knowledge, you may also get lower insurance premiums.

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Some insurancecompanies also reward you with lower premiums for other driving courses, including DUI awareness courses and advanced driving courses. Each insurance company has different guidelines. If you are in doubt, ask your agent before taking a course.

The Average Savings

Many insurance companies provide as much as a 10% discount on your insurance premium after providing proof of your driving course. How long the discount lasts will also vary by the insurance provider. Typically, you can’t retake a course and get an additional discount, though. It’s typically a one-time discount.

Places to Take Driving Courses

Today, drivers education courses are available everywhere. Obviously, your local DMV offers courses, but you may also find them online, and your local library and at your local driving schools. Before you take a course, ask your insurance agent if it qualifies you for the discount. For example, certain driving courses that provide you with special endorsements on your license don’t count, such as CDL endorsements.

No matter where you take the course, make sure you will obtain a certificate of completion. Your insurance company will require this in order to provide you with a discount.

Saving even 10% on your car insurance can save you a significant amount of money. Insurance premium discounts aren’t exclusive – you can stack as many discounts as you qualify to receive. This can help keep your insurance premium affordable while providing the coverage you need.

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