California Worker’s Comp Extends Credit to Wildfire Victims

February 24, 2017

Wildfires continue to burn in California, and home- and business owners have much to be concerned about, but worker’s comp is still going out to affected parties. Specifically, the California State Compensation Insurance Fund has announced that their policyholders who have suffered business disruptions or financial losses because of the fires will have their credit extended.

The fires, most of which were sparked by lightning striking abnormally dry groundcover have destroyed 29 structures and burned through more than 400,000 acres so far, though President Bush has since declared a state of emergency, with federal aid on the way.

Jan Frank, State Fund President, told reporters, “From reports we know that most of the wildfires are concentrated in Northern California and the Sierra. This region is very spread out and is home to State Fund policyholders who have had established businesses for years. We recognized that the fires caused a significant disruption and hardships for some of our policyholders. Our offer of credit relief is one way to help our policyholders and their businesses return to normal operations.”

Customer service lines dedicated to calls from those affected by the wildfires have been enabled, and the State Fund will work with employers, even if they were not able to provide complete payroll figures, submit payments, or have already had their policies cancelled for fire-related credit reasons.

Policyholders should contact the State Fund’s customer service center at (800) 388 – 0902 to arrange credit extensions or payment plans, have cancellations withdrawn, or make other arrangements.