West Virginia Sees Decline in Motorcycle Deaths

June 30, 2010

Fatalities related to motorcycle accidents are declining in the state of West Virginia. In fact, there have been only seven so far this year.

According to Barbara Lobert, manager of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, this is a marked improvement over last year, which had a total of 25 motorcycle-related fatalities, which, in turn, was less than half of the number – 52 – from 2008.

What’s improving the life expectancy of West Virginia bikers? Lobert suggests that more of them may be wearing helmets.

According to Bridgeport Police Chief John Walker, and Clarksburg Police Chief Marshall Goff, two of this year’s fatal accidents took place in Harrison County, where there has also been a spate of non-fatal accidents involving motor bikes.

Goff and Walker believe that most such accidents are due to increased speed, lack of attention, and a greater number of bikers on the road.