Understanding the Importance of Medicaid Insurance

January 15, 2018

It’s no secret that getting sick does not come cheap. After getting professional care from medical practitioners, a lot of patients end up in a financial strife from their medical bills.

This is where health insurance plans come in handy. Regular health insurance companies provide comprehensive plans that help cover medical care costs. That way, people won’t worry much about medical bills that would greatly hurt their savings.

While a lot of people enjoy the benefits of having health insurance policies, some could not afford to get one.

This is especially true for low-income earners. A lot of them struggle to make it from paycheck to paycheck that it’s already very difficult to pay premiums for health insurance coverages.

Thankfully, there are programs that address this certain dilemma. One example is Medicaid. Here are the basics and the importance of this specific program.

What is Medicaid?

For those who couldn’t afford most health insurance policies in the country, Medicaid can be a lifesaver.

It’s a program made possible by the state and the federal government and is working with the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP).

The program provides coverage to low-income families. As of this writing, both Medicaid and CHIP has given coverage to more than 70 million Americans.

Since it started, Medicaid, together with CHIP, has extended their reach to more people. That includes parents, children, pregnant women, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

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Why does this program matter?

With Medicaid’s cost-efficient health insurance coverage, it still remains to be the largest and most impactful coverage in the country.

The program still matters because it has provided access to medical care for individuals who need it the most.

Without it, the country’s most vulnerable population will find it hard to receive the best care whenever its need arises.

How do you know if you’re qualified?

In order to determine if you qualify for Medicaid, you need to check different factors.

These may include your income, household size, family status, disability, and some others. You can check if your state has expanded their Medicaid coverage. If they do, you can qualify based on your income.

There are several ways to apply for the program. First, you can determine your eligibility through your state’s Medicaid website. Other than that, you can apply through Health Insurance Marketplace.

For individuals who tried to qualify for the program but was told that they weren’t qualified, hope is not entirely lost. You can still recheck if your eligibility through the same steps

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Pushing for affordable health care

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is something we should always prioritize. We have to stay our best in order to perform well in life. Keeping good and healthy habits is one way making sure you stay at your best. After all, it’s what helps us face our day-to-day lives.

Without programs like Medicaid, it would be difficult to achieve the goal of having affordable health care insurance coverages for all ages and for different walks of life. Therefore, pushing for affordable health care is important so that everyone will have access to professional medical care without worrying about the costs.

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