Think Mondays Are Bad? Wednesdays are Worse

February 24, 2017

Workers compensation insurers take note: Those of us who go to work every day are accustomed to thinking of Monday as the worst day of the week, even referring to it as a state of mind and using phrases like, “such a Monday,” or “a case of the Mondays.”

Likewise, most of us think of Wednesday as “hump day,” after which we coast downhill to the weekend.

A recent study of workplace accidents in Kansas, however, shows that Wednesday is actually the day to avoid, or at least the most dangerous day to show up at the office.

The study, completed two years ago by the Kansas Department of Labor, found that about a fifth of the workplace injuries that necessitated time off occurred on Wednesdays, for a total of 2,050 injuries that year.

The study queried 3,500 private companies and employers in Kansas, and found that about 47,000 occupational injuries or work-related illnesses in 2006, with a bit over 10,000 of them resulting in employees missing days of work.

In addition to finding that Wednesdays had the most injury occurrences, the study found that about 2/3 of those employees missing work were male.

Unsurprisingly, the day of the week with the fewest work-related injuries was Sunday, with just 530 incidents in 2006.