women and insurance

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Video: Affordable Care Act and Women

On Wednesday, August 1st a crucial part of the Affordable Care Act (what is called “Obamacare”), makes well-women visits and contraceptives available without co-payments. There are also other health insurance benefits for women. This video talks about some of them, and tells you where you can find more information.

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Judge Says Indiana CANNOT Defund Planned Parenthood

Last Friday, June 24th, a federal judge ruled that the state of Indiana may not block state and federal public funding of Planned Parenthood only because the medical organization provides abortions. The ruling also granted Planned Parenthood an injunction on the state’s attempt at defunding. The decision, made by U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt, […]

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Friday Film Strip: Not Intended to Be a Factual Statement

Sometimes we need a little levity, even when we’re talking about insurance. Or maybe that should read especially when we’re talking about it. As you know, last week we posted a clip of Congressional Democrats defending Planned Parenthood as a vital source of women’s health care for women who don’t have health insurance. This week, […]

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