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The Importance of Having Fire Insurance Coverage for Your Home

Standard homeowners insurance typically covers damage to the home’s structure and its contents due to fires. That’s good then because you have fire insurance technically in place. Even with the homeowners policy around, you might still need additional fire insurance coverage. Fires can wreak havoc on anything on their path, home structures, belongings, and lives. […]

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FEMA Says: TX Fire Victims Need Flood Insurance

This may seem counter-intuitive, but FEMA is advising the survivors of last spring and summers’ wildfires in Texas to consider flood insurance on their homes and offices. Why flood insurance? Because when the wildfires burned away the trees, grasses and other vegetation in the scorched areas, the healthy plant roots that usually soak up a […]

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Texas Wildfires Still Burning

From flooding to hailstorms to fire, it seems the central United States can’t catch a break this week. In today’s installment of Environmental Hazards and You, it’s the latter risk that is running rampant, this time in Texas. As is typical in a La Nina year, Texas had an extremely dry winter, and the spring […]

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Wet Winter Plus Dry Spring Means More Wildfires Likely

If you live in the Southwest, it’s time to make sure you have adequate homeowners (hazard) insurance. Why? because AccuWeather is reporting that this season, and especially the next few days, could lead to a “particularly troubling” fire season. The company explained that the heavy moisture caused by intense winter storms spurred greater than usual […]

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