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Half of Arkansas Under Exceptional Drought

The various weather services which serve the United States all say that El Niño is coming within the next two months. For some people along the West Coast, that’s bad news, but for much of the South and Midwest, the increased chances of rain, and the cold, wet winter can’t get here soon enough. Arkansas […]

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August Busiest Month for Hurricanes

While the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has slightly amended the hurricane outlook it released in May, an above-normal season is still expected. With ocean temperatures at record highs, and the climate phenomenon known as “La Nina” beginning to development, government forecasters maintain that this may be the busiest Atlantic hurricane season since 2005. […]

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El Nino Dissipating, but Effects Not Gone

Reuters is reporting today that the currently active El Nino weather anomaly, which causes abnormal warming of the water in the equatorial parts of the Pacific Ocean, is dissipating, and – in the Northern Hemisphere – it should be gone by early summer, though there is a chance it may merely weaken substantially, and linger […]

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Texas Snowfall Means Insurance Claims

Last week’s record snowfall in North Texas – 12.5 inches in 24 hours, as measured at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport – has already resulted in insured losses of $25 million, according to information reported by the Insurance Council of Texas. The heavy accumulation of snow in an area that rarely sees more than a few […]

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