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Friday Filmstrips: Vision Care

In these tough economic times, many corporations are eliminating regular vision care coverage from their benefits plans, and offering their employees membership in VSP – the vision service plan – instead. This video talks about VSP, how it works, and why eye care is important.

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Video: Is Vision Insurance Important?

In honor of Presidents’ Day, we’re doing an extra video post this week. Should you buy vision insurance? Is it an important part of health coverage? This agent’s opinion is that it should never be the sole reason you choose a health plan.

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Friday Filmstrips: The Importance of Eye Exams

While most employer provided health insurance coverage provides some kind of vision care provision, it usually comes in the form of discounted services, and not full coverage. Nevertheless, regular eye exams are important, even if you don’t wear glasses or contact lenses. In honor of my cousin, who runs a mobile eye care company, today’s […]

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