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Ready for Takeoff: Here’s How Travel Insurance Works, Why It Matters

There’s so much to experience, so many things to see beyond your usual commute from home to work, vice versa. It’s nice to roam in an unknown city, free and easy. Leaving your cares behind while still covered is the purpose of travel insurance. Buying travel insurance before your trip might be the last thing […]

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Five Bizarre Insurance Claims (That We SWEAR We Didn’t Make Up)

Okay, we know that people sometimes make insurance claims for some truly bizarre reasons, but these are more bizarre than most. Since this is Halloween week, we’ve decided to share them with you: Shooting a Monkey: There’s no doubt that law enforcement work is a high-stress job, but even police officers can take emotional duress […]

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Insurance Fraud Not Limited to Auto Insurance

Stories about auto insurance fraud and how to handle it if you’re a victim abound, as does advice on everything from how to spot the most common staged accident scenarios to how to deal with your insurance company if you’re run off the road, but insurance fraud is on the rise throughout the industry, not […]

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