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Half of Arkansas Under Exceptional Drought

The various weather services which serve the United States all say that El Niño is coming within the next two months. For some people along the West Coast, that’s bad news, but for much of the South and Midwest, the increased chances of rain, and the cold, wet winter can’t get here soon enough. Arkansas […]

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FEMA Says: TX Fire Victims Need Flood Insurance

This may seem counter-intuitive, but FEMA is advising the survivors of last spring and summers’ wildfires in Texas to consider flood insurance on their homes and offices. Why flood insurance? Because when the wildfires burned away the trees, grasses and other vegetation in the scorched areas, the healthy plant roots that usually soak up a […]

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Farmers to Raise Homeowners Rates in Texas

The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Farmers Insurance is planning to raise the rates on homeowners insurance and Texas by almost ten percent in 2012. The rate increase will affect about half of the company’s policy holders in the Lone Star State. Specifically, about 350,000 homeowners who currently have either Texas Family or Next […]

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Texas Nixes State Farm’s Catastrophe Request

State Farm Insurance’s catastrophe determination petition, made in response to wildfires that have been charring much of the state all month, has been denied by the Texas Department of Insurance. According to the insurance department, the denial was based on information provided in the September 12 request made by State Farm, in which the insurance […]

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State Farm Requesting Changes on Texas Homeowners Coverage

Stae Farm Insurance filed a notice requesting a rate hike averaging 10 percent across the state in Texas homeowners insurance rates, but company officials were quick to announce that with new and larger discounts, homeowners are likely to see effective increases of only 1.4 percent. Earlier this week, the Dallas Morning News also reported another […]

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Texas Wildfires Still Burning

From flooding to hailstorms to fire, it seems the central United States can’t catch a break this week. In today’s installment of Environmental Hazards and You, it’s the latter risk that is running rampant, this time in Texas. As is typical in a La Nina year, Texas had an extremely dry winter, and the spring […]

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Texas Says, “We’ll Help You Shop Around”

The Texas legislature recently filed two separate bills that would require insurance companies to be more forthcoming with customers with regard to rate increase information, and would also expand consumer resources for shopping the insurance market. In the words of Representative Armando Walle (Houston), House Bills 2723 and 2724 would, “…help consumers fully understand the […]

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11 Texas Cities Made Safer from Fires

Elderly and low income residents of eleven Texas cities (Amarillo, Edinburg, El Paso, Farmers Branch, Galveston, Glenn Heights, Longview, Mansfield, McKinney, New Braunfels, and Wichita Falls) will be receiving smoke alarms from their local firefighters, as part of this year’s “We’re Out to Alarm Texas” smoke alarm campaign. Now in it’s sixth year, the program […]

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Home Burglaries Up 9% in Texas, Allstate Says

Homeowners in Texas may want to consider boosting their homeowners insurance polices, and re-evaluating their inventory lists after reading this: Allstate Insurance has shared that burglary claims for their customers in Texas increased 9 percent last year. The insurer is advising people to keep their homes locked, their alarms engaged, and their vacation plans secret, […]

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