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Income Taxes and Employer-Owned Life Insurance

It’s almost February, which means everyone should be receiving their w-2s and 1099s if they haven’t already. While we don’t cover tax issues as a general rule, we think it’s worth mentioning the way death benefits from corporate- or business-owned life insurance are handled. Before 2006, death benefits from the types of life insurance mentioned […]

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Landscaper Insurance???

Okay, we know there is insurance out there for almost everything. I mean, just last Christmas we learned that you can get insurance in case you fall out of a sleigh. But a lawmaker in Rhode Island has recently filed a bill that would require landscapers to register with the state and carry at least […]

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Health Plan Tax Resolved?

Consumers worried about the rumor of taxes on high-value health insurance plans, the so-called “Cadillac” plans, can rest easy. Why? Because the White House and union leaders reached an accord two weeks ago which changed the cost threshold and added an eight-year exemption for collectively bargained plans. The deal, which was cemented in mid-January, removed […]

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