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Oklahoma Seniors Ask for Bill Allowing Electronic Monitors in Care Homes

Anyone who has ever had a relative move into assisted living or a nursing home knows the fear of having their loved one abused or neglected by the people paid to care for them. In Oklahoma, that may soon change, as a bill requested by the Silver Haired Legislature and supported by AARP Oklahoma, which […]

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OK Governor Declares State of Emergency in 12 Counties

Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin has declared a State of Emergency for twelve counties in her state, as a result of the rash of tornadoes and other severe storms (including straight-line winds and flooding) that began last Friday, April 13th. The counties included in this declaration are (in alphabetical order): Alfalfa, Caddo, Canadian, Cleveland, Ellis, Harper, […]

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Oklahoma Considers Raising the Legal SMOKING Age

A committee of the Oklahoma House of Representatives has recently approved legislation that would raise the legal age for the use of tobacco to twenty-one. While the drinking age has been twenty-one across the country for several decades now, in most places the age limit for tobacco use is still eighteen. While it’s no secret […]

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Oklahoma Governor Seeks Disaster Aid Because of Quakes

The state of Oklahoma felt at least five small earthquakes over last week’s Thanksgiving holiday. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there was a 2.4 magnitude quake at 6:55 AM on Saturday, November 26th, with an epicent4er about five miles south of Sparks. This was the fifth temblor in the area since Thursday the 24th, […]

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Oklahoma at Extreme Risk for Wildfires

Oklahomans had better update their fire insurance policies, if the news from state forester George Geissler is accurate. He says that the heat and drought currently holding the state hostage could create a wildfire crises there for the rest of the summer. He added that both the western rangeland and eastern wooded hills are dangerously […]

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Oklahoma Representative Pushes for Workers’ Comp Reform

Oklahoma state representative, Mark McCullough told the press last week that he was prepared to introduce legislation designed to improve his state’s workers’ compensation system. Representative McCullough also said that the legislation will be based on recent recommendations from The Task Force on Vocational Rehabilitation in Workers’ Compensation, including reforms that would return employees to […]

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Earthquake Rattles Oklahoma

You probably wouldn’t think to buy earthquake insurance if you lived in Oklahoma, but perhaps wherever you are, you should think again. According to local NPR station KGOU a quake at 9:06 CDT on Wednesday morning was one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in Oklahoma, left two people with injuries (minor ones), and was […]

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No State Fee on Oklahoma Medicaid Claims

It was reported earlier today that a state law meant to raise revenue for Oklahoma’s Medicaid program has been overturned. In a ruling which was posted on the state Supreme Court’s website, it was said that the law, which set a 1 percent fee on claims paid by private health insurers and companies with self-insured […]

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