North Carolina

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Technology Causes Homeowners Insurance Rate Hikes in NC

Some homeowners in North Carolina will see their homeowner’s insurance get more expensive this year because of a change in fire ratings, but according to insurance company officials, the rate hikes aren’t because of public policy, but because of GPS technology. How does GPS affect insurance rates? Well, when insurers calculate premiums, one of the […]

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NC Residents Advised to Evacuate

On Friday, North Carolina residents with homes near the Pender and Onslow county line have been advised to participate in a voluntary evacuation to avoid a spreading wildfire, which, as of Thursday, had burned about 20,000 acres. Fire officials said that the wildfire began over the weekend of June 18th, in the Holly Shelter Game […]

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North Carolina Still Lacks Employee Health Plan Decision

The state legislature in North Carolina went home for the weekend last Thursday without coming to an agreement on the cost of health insurance for state employees, teachers, or retired persons. At that point they were already outside the deadline that had been given. Earlier last week, Governor Beverly Perdue vetoed a proposal that would […]

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North Carolina Beach Plan to Reclaim $16 Million Distribution

Wayne Goodwin, the North Carolina Insurance Commissioner recently announced a settlement agreement that will require the North Carolina Insurance Underwriting Association, also known as the “Beach Plan,” to reverse the payments of more than $16 million it made to its member companies in 2009. The Beach Plan is North Carolina’s “insurer of last resort” for […]

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NC Drivers Pay $1350/Year Due to Road Conditions

Here’s another reason to save money on auto insurance in North Carolina: the road conditions will cost you the equivalent of an extra tank of gas every week. Last week, a national transportation group released the results of a study which estimated that drivers in the two largest urban areas in North Carolina lose an […]

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