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NJ Governor Vetoes Health Exchange

Late last week, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie vetoed the legislation that would establish a state-run health insurance exchange, claiming that the federal government didn’t provide the information he needed in order to ensure that the way his state complies with the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) is financially sound. Despite this, Governor Christie insists that […]

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Hurricane Sandy Recovery Resources

It’s no secret that Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc up and down the entire East Coast, but New Jersey was the hardest hit state. The video we’re sharing is of President Obama and NJ Governor Chris Christie after their tour of the shore. Below it, please find links to pages with emergency resource information and insurance […]

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Hurricane Tips from New Jersey Department of Insurance

Hurricane season on the Pacific Coast of the US technically began in May, and on the Atlantic Coast it began last week. While the bulk of hurricanes happen in the latter part of the season, when temperatures reach their highest points, they can happen any time during the warm summer months. The New Jersey Department […]

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New Jersey Charging for Fire/First-Aid Service?

While many private ambulance services ask local residents to pay an annual membership fee in order to defray costs of actually using an ambulance, some residents of New Jersey might soon have to pay if they need the fire department as well. According to Insurance Journal, the Salem, NJ city council has recently adopted an […]

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Get Some Rest, Don’t Get Arrested

It’s no secret that maintaining healthy habits can save us money on health and life insurance, but in New Jersey doing so can also keep you out of jail, and it’s been that way since 2003. What am I talking about? There’s a law on the books in the Garden State that makes it illegal […]

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