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Judge Dismisses Mississippi Health Insurance Challenge

Federal District Judge Keith Starrett has ruled that Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, along with other residents of Mississippi, were “premature” in their legal challenge to the section of the affordable care act that requires people to buy health care insurance. He also said that the governor and another of the members of the group suing […]

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Columbus, MS, improves Fire Department Rating

Reduced insurance rates for home and business owners could be the result of a new rating for the Columbus, MS Fire Department, which was recently moved to a rating of “four,” an improvement over the rating of “five” it has held for the last thirty years. Columbus joins several other Mississippi cities which are also […]

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Ratewatch: Allstate to Raise Rates in Mississippi

According to the Mississippi Insurance Commissioner, Mike Chaney, Allstate customers in that state will be seeing a 19.4 percent increase in their homeowners insurance rates. The increase is likely to happen in June, and apply to both renewals and new policies. For nearly two years, Chaney has been in negotiations with Allstate about the size […]

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