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Get Covered! Which Health Insurance Plan Is Perfect for You?

Choosing the right health insurance plan can be quite daunting for some, especially when it’s their first time to get a health care coverage. When you decide which coverage is best for you, you’ll definitely face different health insurance terms that you don’t encounter every day. These terms include the different health insurance plans offered […]

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Aetna Insurance Expanding Medicare Supplement Biz

Earlier this week, Aetna announced a deal to acquire the Medicare supplement insurance business and related business units from Genworth Financial for $290 million. Pending approval from federal and state regulators, the deal should close in the fourth quarter of this year, Aetna representatives said in a press release issued from their Hartford, CT headquarters. […]

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Press Release: Disabled Workers Fleeing Job Market

Senator Tom D. Harkin (D-Iowa) issued a press release yesterday morning, about the status of disabled employees in the American workplace. Because we feel this issue is important, we are running the full text of the release: WASHINGTON, April 12 — The office of Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, issued the following news release: This morning, […]

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Meet the MIB – that’s Medical Insurance Board, not Men in Black

With all the talk of health insurance reform, including much reference to pre-existing conditions, and rules on when coverage may be canceled by an insurer, it’s natural to wonder exactly who is “in charge” of all that information. The answer? The MIB, that stands for Medical Insurance Board, and they’re a membership organization owned by […]

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