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Can I Borrow Money from My Life Insurance Policy?

If you have a whole life or permanent life insurance policy, you may be able to borrow against it if it has cash value. The cash value is the money in the account that exceeds the death benefit you chose. This ‘extra’ money gets invested by the insurance company. However, it’s cash for you to […]

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How to Choose Your Life Insurance Provider

Choosing the right life insurance company from the hundreds of providers in your state alone could be downright intimidating. Not to mention exhausting. Everyone seems to be offering the best rates and the best coverage. However, not all insurers or policies are created equal. Your choice all boils down to your needs. With this in […]

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Yes, You Can Use Your Life Insurance for Retirement

It is possible to use your life insurance to supplement your golden years? In what ways? For many of us, a life insurance serves one primary purpose: to protect our loved ones from the financial burden of our sudden loss. It gives us peace of mind and assurance that everything will be okay for the […]

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