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Your Guide to Creating a Home Inventory

Although you’d seriously hope you never have to use it, creating your own home inventory would make filing an insurance claim easier. This is especially necessary if you’re keeping important and expensive equipment inside your home. Disasters can happen when we least expect it. And by the time we realize what had happened, we are […]

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The Difference Between Auto Policy Cancellation and Non-renewal

When you receive a notice of cancellation or non-renewal from your insurance provider, that could only mean you are now cut off from the service and can no longer take advantage of your insurance policy. But while both results to the same thing, they each mean differently. Let’s break down this common insurance misconception. [sc_content_link […]

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At the Root of the Matter: The Importance of Dental Insurance

Oral health is as important as your overall physical well-being. That’s the reason why dental insurance plans exist. And given the costs of some dental procedures, it’s all the more reason to have one. You don’t know when toothaches are going to strike or make that important visit to the dentist. Take advantage of your […]

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Ways to Save Money on Utilities

As a renter, what are some of the ways to save on your utility payments? Renting has some great peaks over homeownership. You don’t need to worry about keeping those lawns green, or fixing the broken heater in the bathroom. The moment something goes wrong, you only need to ring your landlord and everything will […]

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How to Disaster-Proof Your Finances

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. Then, the question of safety can quickly turn into a question of financial security. Are you adequately covered? Many people equate financial security as being insured. But being getting a policy is not all there is to it. Let’s look at some of the most important disaster-proofing […]

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Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

The economy is tight. Wage growth can barely keep up with the pace of inflation. For the average American, any strategy that can contribute to savings is a big help. As a homeowner, one of the potential saving point you can exploit regards your homeowners insurance. According to the Federal Reserve, a typical homeowners insurance policy […]

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What Are the Most Common Misconceptions About Homeowners Insurance?

A homeowners insurance policy is a vital part of homeownership as it serves as financial buffer for the unexpected. Unfortunately, misconceptions about what it does can lead to decision errors that might prevent you from reaping the full benefits of a homeowners insurance policy. You deserve your money’s worth. Beware of these most common misconceptions […]

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Yes, Your Car Insurance Company Can Drop Your Coverage

A car is a vital part of the American life. Unless you live in a city with a high Walkability score, you’re most likely going to use a private vehicle to get to work, fetch the kids from school, even to get groceries. According to a recent American Community Survey, over 90 percent of American […]

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Here’s What You Need to Consider Before Becoming a Landlord

Renting out an extra room or perhaps your basement is a good way to earn passive income. How will this affect your insurance coverage? Here’s what you need to know first before deciding to become a landlord. With a tight economy and rising cost of living, it’s always a good thing to find an extra […]

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