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Your Guide to Creating a Home Inventory

Although you’d seriously hope you never have to use it, creating your own home inventory would make filing an insurance claim easier. This is especially necessary if you’re keeping important and expensive equipment inside your home. Disasters can happen when we least expect it. And by the time we realize what had happened, we are […]

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How to Choose Your Life Insurance Provider

Choosing the right life insurance company from the hundreds of providers in your state alone could be downright intimidating. Not to mention exhausting. Everyone seems to be offering the best rates and the best coverage. However, not all insurers or policies are created equal. Your choice all boils down to your needs. With this in […]

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The Difference Between Auto Policy Cancellation and Non-renewal

When you receive a notice of cancellation or non-renewal from your insurance provider, that could only mean you are now cut off from the service and can no longer take advantage of your insurance policy. But while both results to the same thing, they each mean differently. Let’s break down this common insurance misconception. [sc_content_link […]

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How to Disaster-Proof Your Finances

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. Then, the question of safety can quickly turn into a question of financial security. Are you adequately covered? Many people equate financial security as being insured. But being getting a policy is not all there is to it. Let’s look at some of the most important disaster-proofing […]

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Yes, You Can Use Your Life Insurance for Retirement

It is possible to use your life insurance to supplement your golden years? In what ways? For many of us, a life insurance serves one primary purpose: to protect our loved ones from the financial burden of our sudden loss. It gives us peace of mind and assurance that everything will be okay for the […]

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Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Insurance

The economy is tight. Wage growth can barely keep up with the pace of inflation. For the average American, any strategy that can contribute to savings is a big help. As a homeowner, one of the potential saving point you can exploit regards your homeowners insurance. According to the Federal Reserve, a typical homeowners insurance policy […]

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How Much Home Insurance Do You Typically Need?

The best way to protect your home and your important household investments from theft, flood, or any human-induced or natural disaster is to get a proper home insurance policy. A homeowners insurance can help you rebuild, replace, or defray costs in case of liability to others. How much do you really need to be adequately […]

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Determining How Much Life Insurance You Need

We all know the importance of having a life insurance policy. Although it is something we do not wish to use too soon, it is there to ensure that the loved ones we will leave behind are protected should something unexpected happen to us. A basic life insurance, in simple terms, is a contract where […]

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Be Informed: Why Do You Need to Read Your Insurance Policy?

Read through your insurance policy and understand its terms. There’s no denying that insurance claims can be denied. Per the Department of Labor, at least one out of seven claims under employer health plans is initially denied. That results in 200 million claims denied every year. While it is ultimately the insurer’s decision to deny […]

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