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State Farm Closing Offices to Save Money

According to the Pantagraph newspaper out of Bloomington, IL, State Farm Insurance has announced plans to close two dozen of its field offices in the midwest (Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan) in order to save $8 million over the next five years. Currently, these facilities are home to about 1,300 employees. Some of these employees, the […]

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CNA SPLASHes Into Texas

Most of us in Texas have ice in our pools this week, which makes this information more timely than you might think. SPLASH – the Spa & Pool Contractors Program from CNA – has been expanded into the Texas middle market. The SPLASH program offers insurance coverage for a variety of customers including pool plasters, […]

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Georgia Insurers to Exercise Leniency

Ralph Hudgens, Insurance Commissioner for the state of Georgia, has issued an order directing insurance companies in his state to “exercise lenience” in dealing with individuals and businesses who may be struggling with their premiums due to the heavy winter storms that blanketed the state earlier this month. Between the dates of January 9th and […]

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Gen Y Consumers, Love Entrepreneurship, Prefer Tech Savviness

It’s no big surprise that more and more people are turning to the ‘net to shop for and purchase their insurance coverage, but the latest Employers Small Business Opinion Poll shows confirms that members of Generations X and Y are adamant about wanting their insurers to interact online. The survey showed that almost half (46%) […]

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Montana: Save Money by Refusing Workers’ Comp to Illegal Immigrants

A lawmaker in Montana has proposed a way to reduce the cost of state workers’ compensation insurance. He wants to prohibit illegal immigrants from collecting benefits when they’re injured. Representative Gordon Vance (R – Bozeman) has sponsored House Bill 71, which would require workers’ compensation insurers to to create verification systems allowing them to determine […]

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Louisiana Insurance Customers Lose $133 million in Rebates

The Times-Picayune is reporting that property insurance policyholders in the state of Louisiana have missed their opportunity to collect roughly $133 million in rebates that had been available until the end of last year. Accoding to Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon, the money, which is part of the assessments paid by commercial and private home insurance […]

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California Storms Cause $10 Million in Damage, More to Come

Californians who pay extra for flood insurance must be thanking their lucky stars this month, because even though temperatures have warmed up a bit, easing the rain and snow that have been drenching (and blanketing) the Golden State for a week, the National Weather Service was predicting yesterday that there was more to come. Last […]

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Insurance Brief: PA City Regulates Sledding

It’s mid-December, and in places where there’s snow kids are playing in it, especially on sleds. (I remember sledding down the hill behind a local brewery when I was a kid – we always just managed not to end up in the busy cross street at the bottom. ) But a town in western Pennsylvania, […]

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Statewide Covers Medical Marijuana…Nationwide

If you live in one of the fifteen states where medical marijuana is legal, and are concerned about the cost of being involved in the medical cannabis industry, you can rest a little easier. Last March, an insurance company based in Rancho Cordova, CA launched the first nationally available coverage designed specifically for the medical […]

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