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Federal Judge Upholds Healthcare Reform in Virginia

Reuters reported yesterday that a Virginia lawsuit challenging the healthcare law known colloquially as “Obamacare” was dismissed by a federal judge. The challenge, one of several such attempts to strike down healthcare reform, was brought by Liberty University (a conservative Christian school) and individuals who claimed that the law is unconstitutional. U.S. District Judge Normal […]

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Insurers ReClassify Admin Expenses as Medical Expenses to Circumvent New Regs

The deadline for doing so isn’t until the first of next year, but already some of America’s largest health insurance companies are changing their accounting to reclassify administration costs as medical expenses, in order to work around industry reforms mandated by the recently-passed health care overhaul, says news agency Reuters, reporting on a U.S. Senate […]

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Healthcare Bill Passes

Late Sunday night, the United States House of Representatives passed the much-debated healthcare reform bill in a 219-212 vote, with all the Republicans, and thirty-four Democrats, voting against its passage. The bill, which instigates the most dramatic changes to our healthcare system in four decades, now goes to President Obama for his signature, which will […]

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States Attempt to Counter HealthCare Reform via Bills and Constitutional Amendments

Reuters is reporting that at least 36 state legislatures have introduced bills or resolutions designed to either limit or oppose various aspects of the healhcare reform plan that Congress is still trying to pass. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, momentum is growing in many states to block the changes either by laws […]

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