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Here Are the Basic Health Insurance Terms You Need to Understand

When dealing with health insurance matters, it’s quite easy to get caught up in a lot of jargon. It’s especially true among members or plan holders who are not in the healthcare industry. However, basic knowledge about health insurance terms is important. It is to help you get to know how your insurance policy works […]

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This or That: How to Choose the Right Health Insurance Coverage for You

Getting health insurance coverage should be a priority for every individual. When you do, you’ll have to choose the right policy for you. Every health insurance policy is unique. It has its own features, specifications, and costs. Therefore you it’s important to be familiar with how one differs from the other. However, deciding on which […]

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House Approves Companion Bill to Healthcare Overhaul

Days after passing the healthcare overhaul bill that took the better part of a year to hammer out, the United States House of Representatives approved the companion package yesterday. The companion package had already been approved by the House before, but after the vote on the main bill, the Senate parliamentarian ordered two minor provisions […]

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