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West Virginians Have Poor Health Habits, Senator Says

Health insurance examiners probably won’t find much shocking in this, but the Charleston Daily Mail is reporting that state Senator Dan Foster (D-Kanawha) is blaming West Virginia’s higher-than-average rate of workers on disability to poor health habits like smoking. In an interview with the Daily Mail Foster said that his state’s high obesity and smoking […]

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California Takes Steps to Create Insurance Exhange

It was reported earlier today on the state of health care reform in California. It seems the Golden State is taking steps toward the establishment of a health insurance exchange, as is required in order to be in compliance with federal health care reform law. The California Senate passed two bills which provide the functions […]

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Foreign-Trained and Domestically-Trained Physicians Offer Essentially the Same Care, Survey Says

Roughly a quarter of all physicians currently practicing medicine in the United States completed their medical studies in some other country. A recent survey of the quality of care shows that patients receive essentially the same care no matter where their doctors trained, but a deeper look at data suggests that doctors who were not […]

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Missouri Files Suit Against Federal Health Care Plan

Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder of Missouri filed a lawsuit today to block federally mandated health insurance in his state, claiming that Congress’s health care overhaul has overstepped governmental authority, and infringed upon state sovereignty. Kinder’s suit, filed by himself and three other Missouri residents, asserted that the federal government may not force people to purchase […]

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Senate Approves COBRA Extension Bill

It was reported on Wednesday that the United States Senate voted 62-36 to approve a $138 billion bill that temporarily halts cuts in Medicare payments to doctors, and also extends COBRA premium subsidies and Medicaid assistance. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D – NV) said in a statement to the press, “This week’s bill helps […]

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Health Care Summit Faces a Bigger Challenge than Just Health Care

On the eve of a “bipartisan” summit on health care legislation scheduled for Thursday, February 25, the web is alive with talk about how the current stalemate can or can’t be resolved. The New York Times weighed in Sunday with an interesting piece on, “How the G.O.P. Can Fix Health Care.” Provocatively, the article opens […]

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