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In Brief: AZ Governor Vetoes Health Care Bill

Earlier this week Governor Jan Brewer of Arizona vetoed SB 1592, a bill which directed the Governor to form specific compacts with other states on behalf of Arizona, in order for citizens there to purchase health care insurance across state lines. Her, reason, she wrote in her veto letter, included the fact that directing the […]

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52 Million American Adults Uninsured in 2010, Study Says

Want to hear something really scary? A new study says that roughly twenty percent – or nine million out of 43 million adults who lost jobs in the last two years – ended up without any health insurance, and that nine million represents 57 percent of everyone who lost their insurance when they lost their […]

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Foreign-Trained and Domestically-Trained Physicians Offer Essentially the Same Care, Survey Says

Roughly a quarter of all physicians currently practicing medicine in the United States completed their medical studies in some other country. A recent survey of the quality of care shows that patients receive essentially the same care no matter where their doctors trained, but a deeper look at data suggests that doctors who were not […]

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