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Is an HOA Responsible for Alligators?

It’s no secret that there are often grey areas when it comes to homeowners associations. Often it’s not completely certain who covers contents insurance, for example. Still, it’s not often that an HOA is accused of being responsible when someone is killed by a wild animal. Nevertheless, that’s what’s happening in Georgia. The heirs of […]

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Georgia Insurers to Exercise Leniency

Ralph Hudgens, Insurance Commissioner for the state of Georgia, has issued an order directing insurance companies in his state to “exercise lenience” in dealing with individuals and businesses who may be struggling with their premiums due to the heavy winter storms that blanketed the state earlier this month. Between the dates of January 9th and […]

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Georgia to Decide New Insurance Commissioner

Georgia voters head to the polls today to participate in a runoff election in which they must choose between two Republican candidates for state insurance commissioner. The two candidates, Maria Sheffield and Ralph T. Hudgens, are the two survivors from last months Republican primary, which included nine candidates. In that vote, each of the two […]

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