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Why Should College Students Buy Renters Insurance?

When your child goes off to college, they have to live somewhere, right? Whether it is a dorm or off-campus housing, they have a home that they call their own. Even though they rent the home, rather than buy it, they may need insurance. Renters insurance protects the renter in the face of disaster or […]

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Friday Filmstrip: College Health Plans

Whether you’re a college student yourself or the parent of a kid in college, it’s important to understand college health plans – the insurance available to university students – even if you don’t think you’ll need it. This video explains it all. Enjoy.

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Friday FilmStrip: Insurance and College Students

School children around the country were back in the classroom earlier this week, which means if your college student hasn’t already gone back to school (or gone for the first time) he or she will be leaving soon. When getting your college student ready to go, don’t overlook the insurance. This video gives you an […]

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