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Common Myths About Auto Insurance

If you’re looking to save on your auto insurance policy, it’s important that you get your facts right. This is why it’s necessary to dispel some of the long-held misconceptions that pass for common wisdom among auto insurance shoppers. What are these myths and should you dismiss them? Color matters There are various factors that […]

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Money-Saving Tips on Auto Insurance

You shouldn’t own a car if you refuse to take an auto insurance. It’s something you need to have but you wish you’d never use. However, it would be worse not to have one when you badly need it. A car insurance is simply for protection so you can have peace of mind while you’re […]

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Insurance Comp Offers Discount to Tesla Drivers for One Condition

Britain’s biggest auto insurance company announces a 5 percent discount off policies of Tesla customers who use their vehicle’s Autosteer function. Autonomous driving systems are creating a cascade of potential policy changes in the auto insurance segments. Looking into the possibilities, some companies are taking proactive measures to orient their company’s direction towards the plausible realities […]

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From A to Z: Commonly Used Insurance Terms and Definitions

How much do you know about insurance? It’s a world filled with words that sound difficult to understand. But if you were to start protecting what’s important to you, it’s time to brush up on your knowledge of insurance terms. Yes, there’s a handful of common insurance terms and definitions that should give you a […]

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Is Automation a Threat to Auto Insurers?

Automation is inevitable. Funding is flooding, talents from Silicon Valley and across the globe are on a collective race to automate many aspects of human life. And we’re not just talking about factory robots here. We’re talking about multi-billion dollar industries from healthcare to customer service. One of the industries projected to be primarily on […]

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Yes, Your Car Insurance Company Can Drop Your Coverage

A car is a vital part of the American life. Unless you live in a city with a high Walkability score, you’re most likely going to use a private vehicle to get to work, fetch the kids from school, even to get groceries. According to a recent American Community Survey, over 90 percent of American […]

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Marriage and Cars: Does Your Marital Status Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates?

It’s not uncommon for people to delay marriage nowadays. Changing attitudes found by a study published in 2016 and economic factors reinforced the idea of marrying late. But did you know your marital status can lower your auto insurance rates? All things being held equal, marriage and car insurance mean discounted rates and lower premiums. […]

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What Factors Impact Your Auto Insurance Policy Cost?

Whether you’re just getting your first insurance policy or shopping for a new one, it always helps to have basic knowledge about what you are purchasing. One of the most commonly asked questions about car or auto insurance is how much it costs. But what most of us forget to ask is what factors impact […]

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Nebraska Legislature to Consider 3 New Traffic Safety Measures

The state of Nebraska is currently considering several measures that are meant to improve traffic safety, in part, by making certain secondary offenses into primary ones. Specifically, the state legislature’s Transportation and Telecommunications Committee will hear three measures:

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